Product Information

Service Provision

The PROGOS®service is available in two formats, namely, a test or as a system. For more details, please contact us.

The PROGOS®tests are customizable. For example, we can provide customized feedback sheets which can be linked to the user's system data, learning contents, etc.
Example: RareJob Speaking Test is powered by PROGOS®

Test Description

A 20-minute business English speaking test with a variety of open-ended questions.

Part Questions No. of Questions/ Preparation Time
/ Answer Time
Part 1 Interview Answer each question within 20 seconds. Ten(10) interview questions
No preparation time
Answer time: 20 seconds per question
Give relevant responses to general and business related questions.
Part 2 Read Aloud Read eight (8) sentences aloud.
Each sentence is shown on a screen → Read it aloud.
Eight (8) sentences
No preparation time
Answer time: 10 seconds per sentence
Read the sentences correctly and intelligibly.
Part 3 Presentation One (1) topic-based task with three (3) required points One (1) task
Preparation time: 40 seconds
Answer time: 60 seconds
Present the topic and expand on each required point.
Part 4 Graphic Presentation Present a graph One (1) task
Preparation time: 40 seconds
Answer time: 60 seconds
Present the graph by describing the facts and the information shown
Part 5 Role Play One (1) conversation-based task with four (4) audio prompts One (1) task with four (4) audio prompts
Preparation time: 40 seconds
Answer time: 30 seconds after each prompt
Respond to the prompts like in a conversational situation and spontaneously.

Click here for sample questions

Test Evaluation and Feedback

Test Evaluation is based on the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) and the CEFR-J. The manual evaluation is conducted by trained and experienced evaluators.
The evaluation focuses on task achievement, appropriateness, and the quality of the responses.

Overall Evaluation CEFR (CEFR-J) Levels
Analytical Evaluation Six (6) analytical aspects as defined in CEFR
  • Range

    Knowledge and variety of vocabulary, expressions and phrases

  • Accuracy

    Knowledge and correct use of grammar

  • Fluency

    The ability to speak
    easily and correctly

  • Interaction

    The skill to start, maintain
    and/or end a conversation

  • Coherence

    The organization of ideas in a logic manner

  • Phonology

    Intelligible pronunciation,
    intonation and stress

The following are also included in the feedback sheets:
・ The Can-Do descriptor of the CEFR level result.
・ General feedback and advice on how to improve speaking skills by one PROGOS/CEFR-J level.


Overall Evaluation B1
Analytical Evaluations Range, Fluency, Interaction, Coherence, Phonology = B1, Accuracy = A2 Feedback on Accuracy:
Word choice, vocabulary and sentence structure needs some improvement. The speech volume is clear. Although fluent, there are some risks associated with the miscommunication in the information shared and the intention, particularly in business situations.
In summary, word choice and grammar/sentence structures are weak.

Advisors for PROGOS® (human evaluation)

In charge of advising on test design,
test and task implementation, etc.

Prof. Yukio Tono

Leading scholar in CEFR research in JapanProf. Yukio Tono
Tokyo University of Foreign Studies

・CEFR-J Project Leader
・Instructor of NHK radio and TV English programs

In charge of evaluating the final stages of
planning and development

Prof. Masashi Negishi

Leading scholar in language testingProf. Masashi Negishi
Tokyo University of Foreign Studies

・Participated in the development of large-scale language tests
・Co-leader in the CEFR-J Project, developing CEFR-based language tests

Developer of PROGOS®Test Concept

Mr. Takeshi Shimomata

Chief Quality Officer, PROGOS Inc.Mr. Takeshi Shimomata