First in Japan*、 English Speaking Test PROGOS won A world-class「Reimagine Education Award 2020」

*With reference to the list of the past award-winning organizations

Assessment of Practical
Business English Speaking Skills

PROGOS is a system that evaluates English speaking skills based on business situations, including giving presentations, relationship-building with colleagues and clients, expressing opinions, negotiating, and providing explanations.
It is a 20-minute test asking mostly open-ended questions. Its automated evaluation feature can return the results as fast as just a few minutes.

PROGOS in two minutes

When you try to assess your employees' English speaking skills required for global business interactions,
do you face the following problems?

  • We assess their listening and reading skills; however, the results do not assure that they can speak.
  • Each test uses its own level system, scores and evaluation criteria, making it difficult to compare.
  • Most of the tests are not very convenient.
To solve all these problems,
we developed PROGOS.

With a business English speaking test based on the CEFR, the international standard of measuring English proficiency, the employees' speaking ability will be evident.

PROGOS is named by combining the words Progress and Diagnostic.

PROGOS = Progress + DiagnosticPROGOS = Progress + Diagnostic

PROGOS Strengths

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Test Parts

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